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NY30 by Cindy HeatonOrdered by members of the New York Yacht Club and designed and built by the great Nathaniel Herreshoff & Company, these boats were launched in 1905 and quickly became the most significant and beloved one-design class in the history of the New York Yacht Club.

Their impact on the yachting world has been extensive and the individual histories of each yacht, remarkable. Today many continue their racing careers throughout New England and the Mediterranean.

Notable points regarding the NY-30’s and the NYYC:

More NYYC Commodores came from the ranks of NY-30’s than any other class.  Among them: George E Roosevelt, Percy Chubb, JP Morgan (was NYYC Flagship at the time), Alfred Vanderbilt, and Dallas Pratt. 

Other notable NY-30 owners included, Sherman Hoyt, Butler Duncan, Gherardi Davis, F.B. Bragdon, Henry Maxwell, Arthur Iselin, and Ogden Reid. The roles of NY-30 sailors have long been considered a venerable “who’s-who” of early 20th Century yachtsmen.

During the late 20’s and early 30’s, the NYYC Annual events (Regattas and Annual Cruises) were sometimes scarcely attended, as enrollment and participation in club events was dwindling. During these lean times, the NY-30’s represented not only the keenest competition, but could be counted on to support these annual events year in and year out.  In fact, on some occasions, Amorita, along with other participating NY-30’s represented as much as ¼ of the total participating fleet.

The NY-30’s represents the first successful effort by the NYYC to establish an on-going proprietary one-design class, a tradition that continues today with the Club 42’s.

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