the fleet history
Owner: William Pedersen
Homeport: Shelter Island, NY

NY-16 Nautilus was originally built for Addison and Wilmer Hanan. In the 1950's, an airplaine ripped off her rig and cabin top without touching the hull while she while on her mooring in Manhasset Bay. In 1988 she was purchased by Frank McCaffery, the founder of Narragansett Shipwrights where she was to undergo an extensive re-fit as a personal craft for his enjoyment. At that time she had a marconi rig and a highly modified cabin house and deck layout. Sadly, Frank fell ill and was unable to complete the project before his passing. The boat was sold to the Pedersens who contracted Narragansett Shipwrights under the direction of Jim Titus to complete the project. She is now fully restored to her original rig and deck layout, is beautifully maintained, and completes in classic races.

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