NY-30 #9 Amorita
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NY-9, Amorita
was built for Philip and George Adee as Adelaide II, but has been Amorita for most of her life. Among her owners were Hendon Chubb, Howard C. Brokaw and J.M Odenback. In 1995, 90 years after her first New York Yacht Club Race, she re-entered the rolls of the NYYC where she has since regularly participated in the Annual Regatta & Cruise. Her original refit took place in 1981 and then an extensive upgrade/re-fit was completed in 1994. She sails with her original rig and cabin layout and is very much in keeping with the original design of the yacht.

Amorita has long been revered both for her beauty and extensive racing successes. She has been featured on the covers and pages of hundreds of sailing calendars and coffee-table books as the apple of many a professional photographers' eye.

In 2007 Amorita was tragically struck and sunk off of Jamestown, RI while racing in the Robert H. Tiedeman Regatta. She was quickly recovered by her loving owners and is currently undergoing a complete restoration. Click on the links to the left to learn more about this unique yacht's history and significance.

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