Liability Release
The Undersigned ("Owner") represents that he is the owner of the below-named vessel 
(the "Vessel") and as such is fully responsible for the welfare of the vessel and its crew.  
Owner further represents that he has placed the Vessel under the command of a person 
or persons having the required skills and experience to manage the Vessel safely in 
all conditions that may occur during the Black Duck Regatta (the "Race") and to participate 
in the Race without endangering the crew or other participating vessels or crews.  Without 
limiting the foregoing, Owner represents that he is familiar with all applicable navigational 
and safety rules and will comply with them during the Race.  Owner also represents that 
the Vessel is seaworthy and has been adequately inspected by qualified personnel prior 
to the Race.
Owner acknowledges that the Race Committee has no obligation to inspect the Vessel or 
other participating vessels, nor does it have any obligation to determine the sailing abilities 
of other participants in the Race.  Owner assumes all risks arising from his participation in the 
Race including, without limitation, risks arising from the selection of his crew, the abilities of 
other participants in the Race, the layout of the course, weather and sea conditions during the 
Race and the Race Committee's management of the Race.  In consideration of his being 
permitted to participate in the Race, Owner hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless its 
officers, directors, employees, representatives, the Race committeemembers and their 
successors, heirs, assigns, and legal representatives, from and against them or any of them 
arisingout of loss of property, injury or death occurring in connection with the participation of 
the vessel and its crew in the Race.
On his own behalf and on behalf of the Vessel and crew, Owner hereby releases and forever 
discharges the persons and entities described in the preceding paragraph of and from any 
and all actions, claims, liabilities and damages which against any of them the Owner or his crew 
has or hereafter have by reason of any act or omission occurring in connection with the Race.
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